The Chicken Coop

Back in hack #4, I built a chicken tractor for some chickens I had purchased. Well what started out as six chickens has since been reduced to three. One got eaten by a Fox and two fell victim to one of my dogs. The dogs have since learned to co-habitate with the chickens and they’re getting along fine now. The chickens are laying fresh eggs on a daily basis which I really enjoy eating and sharing with friends.

They’re full grown chickens now and they really needed a new shelter for the coming winter month so for this week’s project I built them a new bigger chicken coop!

In this video I go through all the steps it took to build a 4′ x 4′ chicken coop with three nesting chambers. It has a door on the back which makes it very easy to gather the eggs daily.

All the animals make an appearance in this video so enjoy, and keep on hackin!

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2 Responses to The Chicken Coop

  1. truthspew says:

    Cool project. They just passed the ordinance here in Providence that we too can have chickens! In the city! So let me ask, they can winter in that box? Without external heat?

    I’ve considered raising chickens, much to the chagrin of my SO. But hey, you can’t beat fresh eggs!

    • Dino says:

      They just need food and shelter. They roost close together to stay warm but adding an incandescent light helps. 🙂

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