The Egg Hack

When I started Hack A Week I said I’d be doing all kinds of projects including food! Well with all these eggs I have from my chickens I thought a food hack about eggs would be in order.
Eggs are just awesome. They’re a good source of protein and they taste great! I like eggs any way ya cook em but my favorite is Eggs Benedict.
In this weeks video I’ll show you how to cook eggs with your espresso machine, how to separate egg yolks from the whites,. how to poach and egg and how to make Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict!

If you find yourself feeling hungry after the video, go make some eggs!

I promise that I’ll be getting back to some electronics next week, so until then…

…keep on hackin!

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Self taught electronics and hardware hacker.
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5 Responses to The Egg Hack

  1. jimstoffel says:

    Very much enjoyed this week’s side hack.

    As a fellow chicken owner (had 9) is was great to see the enthusiasm when you chatted up the topic of coops, eggs, and best of all, how to eat them!

    My “coop” was part of my 12×12 shed. I turned part of it into the coop with three roost poles – the chickens always fought per-se for the highest spot which could only fit one chicken. And because I have coyotes and chicken hawks to worry about at night (and during the day), I had their area (20×20) completely fenced in top to bottom, with the bottom of the fencing buried in the ground 12″ and with a steel pole weaved through it to prevent raccoons from trying to dig underneath it. It’s been years now and I miss having the fresh eggs – what a difference in taste versus store bought!

    Oh, and I learned a great tip on poaching – thank you!

  2. rbwilliams says:

    Nice video, Dino!
    I will try your recipe this weekend.

  3. adanvdo says:

    Really well-composed video. Thanks for sharing Dino. You have gained yourself a fan.

  4. Tron9000 says:


    Few questions……how come eggs over the pond are white and here they are, well eggshell colour (brownie, pinky colour)?

    Also: your omelet = English Scrambled egg!

    • Dino says:

      The brown eggs I have come from my Rhode Island Red chickens. The white ones come from my White Leghorn chicken. The egg color is determined by the chickens genes.
      We also call that omelet thingy scrambled eggs… I’m hungry now! 🙂

      Thanks for watching.

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