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The 1/2 watt LM386 Audio Amplifier

I love the LM386. It’s a complete amplifier in an 8 pin DIP chip! All that is needed to build an audio amp are a few external components most of which are decoupling capacitors. It is well suited to low … Continue reading

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The Chicken Tractor

Happy Earth Day! Perfect timing for my latest project, the Chicken Tractor. A Chicken Tractor is a movable chicken coop without a floor. It allows the free ranging of chickens where ever the tractor is moved too. They have access … Continue reading

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Hack #3, The Talk Box.. for bass

Anybody over 35 remembers Peter Frampton and his talk box on the “Frampton Comes Alive” album. It sounded awesome! He wasn’t the first one to use this device however. Pete Drake had and album in 1964 that featured a “talking” … Continue reading

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Work Bench Build for the Hack A Week Shop!

Here it is, hack #2! It’s a work bench I’ve made for my new shop. I used 2″ x 2″ lumber for the frame with one 2″ x 4″ under the work surface to help stiffen it over the 8′ … Continue reading

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Dead trees and ink…

I’m a pen and paper sort of guy. I like to draw up my plans in isometric view on paper. It takes only minutes and I have an idea of what materials I need. Yes, I could use a drawing … Continue reading

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