How To Make Waterproof Fire Starters

Suppose you’re out on a hike or a hunt and you get stranded by weather and you have to just hunker down and tough it out. How do you start a fire to keep warm? Well here’s a great solution I learned from my Dad. He was an avid hunter and fisherman in the Adirondack mountains where I grew up and he showed me this when I was a teenager. These waterproof fire starters are easy to make and can be easily stashed in a back pack or jacket. No matter how wet they get they’ll still be ready to start a fire.

Follow along now as I show you how to make them.

Keep on hackin… and stay warm!

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2 Responses to How To Make Waterproof Fire Starters

  1. exekutive says:

    We made something very similar in boy scouts.

    1. Take a short round tin can (such as cat food can.)
    2. Cut one or more ribbons out of a cardboard box, of width slightly smaller than the height of your can.
    3. Roll the cardboard up until it fits snugly into the can. Leave a piece poking out of the center for a “wick”.
    4. Fill up the can with molten paraffin.

    In an emergency, you can light the wick, and this thing will burn for a VERY long time, providing heat, light or can be used to start a larger fire. You can also put another, larger can, with some strategically cut holes in it, on top of that and cook on it.

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