Parallax MS5607 Altimeter Module With LCD Readout

Here we are with yet another module from Parallax Electronics! The MS5607 Altimeter Module. The Altimeter Module is a high resolution (20 cm) altimeter sensor with SPI and I2C bus interface.

The module includes a high linearity barometric pressure sensor and a high resolution temperature output, allowing implementation of an altimeter/thermometer without any additional sensors. Different operation modes allow the user to optimize for conversion speed or current consumption. The module is designed for use with a large variety of microcontrollers with different voltage requirements.

For this project I connected it to the Parallax Board Of Education with a Parallax serial LCD as shown in the image below. It can send data to a computer in a serial terminal window or to and LCD as you’ll see in the video.

I used three different versions of Spin code to display the data which can be downloaded here:

Altitude readout on LCD:

Temperature readout on LCD:

Altitude and temperature readout on LCD:

Connection diagram for Board Of Education:

This module is ideal for use on hobby aircraft or for data logging on a robot.

Enjoy the video and… keep on hackin!

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  1. teddy7 says:

    I live in a town in Northern Calif. that rarely gets above 65° Crescent City, CA
    just 20 miles from Oregon border. BIG Redwood Trees. Seeing you in that
    heavy top at 77° made me sweat!

    Anyway, since that device is I2C interface, I think I’ll buy one and interface it
    to a PICAXE chip.


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