Coaxial RC Helicopter Hacks

Coaxial RC Helicopters are a great way to get into RC helicopter flying. They’re extremely stable, the cost is much less that a fixed pitch or collective pitch helicopter and they’re simple to maintain. When I say “maintain” I mean crash repair and parts wear, which is pretty minimal with these helicopters. Of course you can indeed break a blade if you should strike a solid object with them and this is usually associated with flying in ANY kind of breeze. Yes, there is also a down side to the coaxial heli. They aren’t very maneuverable. Even a slight wind will send the craft down wind even when it’s pointed upwind with full forward stick! However, this can be overcome somewhat with a few modifications.

Here’s a video of my latest project where I explore the possible areas that a coaxial rc helicopter can be improved upon.

Keep on hackin!

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