How To Hang A Canoe From A Ceiling

Lisa and I have acquired a nice 14 foot Old Town canoe that has been taking up floor space in the garage. We didn’t want to store it outside in the sun so we put together a simple solution. Install two pulleys on the garage ceiling and hoist it up with rope! Perfect! The paddles and life jackets can be stored in it as well and it’s easy to take down and put up even for one person.

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Project Sabre Cafe Part 9

After a few weeks of building a robot for Maker Faire NC I’m back on the motorcycle project. I still have a lot to do on the fuel tank before I start laying up fiberglass on it. In this episode I install an overflow drain tube and show off the instrument cluster that I bought on eBay. The drain tube will allow water and excess fuel that might accumulate under the gas cap fixture to drain out through a tube embedded in the fiberglass shell. It will all make sense after watching the video.

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Building “Photon” The Video Photo Robot Part 5

After many late nights and some last minute tinkering, Photon is complete! He was a real hit at Maker Faire NC 2013 and I plan on taking him to Maker Faire NYC in September. Between now and then I’ll be tweaking the design and the code a bit more. The WiFi camera phone didn’t perform that great due to the massive interference on the bandwidth so I think I’ll eliminate that one. The JVC camcorder needed a last minute brace on it’s mounting and the Canon needs the same. At the end of this video you’ll see a sample from these cameras and a bit of Maker Faire.

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Building “Photon” The Video Photo Robot Part 4

I spent about 8 hours in the work shop today working on Photon and I’ve made some real progress. There’s still a lot to be done before Maker Faire NC next Saturday but I’ll make it happen! I still have to finish up some hardware on Photon and then I need to code some things for him to say as he roams around Maker Faire NC. Hope to see you there but if you don’t make it you can watch the live stream from Photon here: Hack A Week on Ustream

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Building “Photon” The Video Photo Robot Part 3

It’s crunch time! Two weeks to go to finish the build on Photon. This week’s work was focused on the torso and the bump sensors that surround it. After an initial failed attempt at stringing the sensor wires, I came up with a solution that worked out to my satisfaction. Photon now has “touch sense” on his left, right, front, and back. If he bumps into an object on any one of the quadrants, he’ll run a routine to stop, back away, turn in the opposite direction then continue onward as he gathers images.