Project Sabre Cafe Part 9

After a few weeks of building a robot for Maker Faire NC I’m back on the motorcycle project. I still have a lot to do on the fuel tank before I start laying up fiberglass on it. In this episode I install an overflow drain tube and show off the instrument cluster that I bought on eBay. The drain tube will allow water and excess fuel that might accumulate under the gas cap fixture to drain out through a tube embedded in the fiberglass shell. It will all make sense after watching the video.

keep on hackin!

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2 Responses to Project Sabre Cafe Part 9

  1. Hilli-Billy says:

    I don’t know what type of resin your going to use but you need to be real careful, the current “gasoline” formulations are causing problems with a number of fiber glass fuel tanks used in boats and home built aircraft. I’ve hear vinylester may be the best but I’m no expert, and have heard some of the tank sloshing compounds that worked in the past are being affected bu the newer gas formulations.

    • Dino says:

      Thanks Bill. I’m using epoxy resin which is not as prone to being dissolved by the ethanol in gasoline. There is a gas station nearby that sells ethanol free gasoline as well.

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