1951 Mechanix Illustrated found in antique store.

While on vacation traveling through Vermont, I found an old Mechanix Illustrated from 1951 in an antique store. It was in a box along with other old issues but this one stood out because of the how-to projects that were inside. I paid $4 for it and had a nice talk with the shop keeper about how we both loved looking through these old magazines. As a kid I would look through them and stare at the project plans for hours. I knew I could never really build most of the stuff due to a lack of materials but they sparked my imagination and I would sometimes try to make my own version of the project with what I had on hand. These magazines were very influential in developing the inventor mind set I now have.

Since I’m away from the workbench this week I thought it would be fun to shoot a video about this particular issue while on the road. As we were rolling along through Maine headed south, Lisa took over the driver’s seat and I shot this video in the passenger seat. I even did the editing there and later uploaded it to YouTube!

Next week I’ll be back home at the ol’ workbench so til then, enjoy the video and…

keep on hackin!

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