Hack A Week goes to Maker Faire NC 2012

After a week’s worth of prep involving several late nights and the reconstruction of some projects, Hack A Week made a good showing at Maker Faire NC. The crowd was bigger than last year and the layout was perfect. I had a 20′ x 10′ area to show off eleven projects including the “Fetch-O-Matic” automatic ball launcher which was a huge hit with the kids. They were great beta testers and the thing held up great! Look for a complete build article in the July issue of Make Magazine which will feature the ball launcher on the cover!

Here’s a guy that found my stepper motor generator project of interest…

Of course, I hacked my name badge…

I had two robots there and I used one of them, the PropBot, to hold my cell phone and shoot a robot’s eye view video as it weaved it’s way through the crowd….

… and of course, I posted this video to YouTube last night showing off my stuff and the rest of the entries in the faire.

Keep On Hackin!