The Chase-A-Mouse Cat Toy!

I love Cats! I have three of them and I love playing with the youngest one, Jayfet. This week’s hack is all about fun with the Cats! The idea for this came to me one day a month or so back and I decided that it was time to build it.

I used an electric motor from a Roomba robot which shouldn’t surprise folks too much as I use a lot of Roomba stuff in my hacks. After a few hours of tinkering I came up with something that works as I had envisioned. The motor moves a string tied in a loop with a Fisherman’s knot between two pulleys. A toy mouse is tied to the string which zips back and forth enticing kitteh to “chase-a-mouse”!

Jayfet is a great “beta tester” for my Cat toys. He’s always willing to try things out and this project is no exception.

Enjoy the video, Happy New Year and…
Keep on hackin!