Emic 2 – Zero and Betty Talk!

They can speak to each other! Well, random phrases anyway but it’s interesting to see what pops up next as they babble to each other. This is part four of this project, which will remain ongoing and revisited from time to time. In fact, I’d like to develop these further with sensors and action based on sensor input. I might end up with these at Bay Area Maker Faire in 2013.
This module is a lot of fun to mess with and I ended up learning a little more about programming in C which always great. I would say spend the $60 and add some speech to just about anything electronic!

This video pretty much explains everything you need to know to get an Emic 2 up and running with an Arduino. The schematic is posted below and the code can be found here.

Til next time…
keep on hackin!

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