Emic 2 Talking Robot

It can talk! After a long session at the workbench this past Sunday, I managed to build the mechanism and the circuit to make my robot box talk with Emic 2 supplying the speech! I used a random function in the Arduino code to get Emic 2 to speak random phrases. I’m still working on better code so I’ll wait until the final installment to post it here.
The sound to voltage circuit was explained last week and this week it all got mounted on a perfboard along side an LM386 amplifier circuit.

The motor with the bent wire worked perfectly to open the mouth, and gravity closes it when the voltage is no longer present.

I drew up a new schematic too…

Next week there will be two robots having a “random” conversation with each other. That should be fun! Enjoy the video and until then…

…keep on hackin!

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5 Responses to Emic 2 Talking Robot

  1. beaglebreath says:

    I am trying to copy the circuit above. I’m think there is something funny going on with the schematic above… please look at the grounding where the op-amp output is connecting to the 1M resistor across to the MOSFET and through to the 100K to ground. Is that drawn correctly?

    I can’t wait to see the final project. 🙂 it’d be funny to attach the robots to an irc conversation.

    • Dino says:

      After seeing your comment, I cleaned up the schematic a bit. Should be a bit more clear now. 🙂

      • beaglebreath says:

        Yes, but it looks like there is a ground connection on both sides of the 100K resistor at the MOSFET. Took emic2 to work this morning. my guys immediately started testing its “dirty words” vocabulary. it was quiet impressive. 🙂

  2. flokulot says:

    hello sir,.. is the code from arduino will work in microchip PIC16f877a??? hehehe.. we are new to emic 2.

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