The Rotary Switch

The Rotary Switch was once widely used in electronic devices and it’s still a great versatile switch for applications involving multiple inputs and outputs. This project required a switch that would power up one of three different loads from one common power source. I used a double pole triple throw rotary switch that I ordered from All Electronics at a cost of only 85 cents!
In the video you’ll not only see how it was installed, but you’ll also learn about LED home lights that can replace your conventional incandescent bulbs and save on your energy bill. You’ll also see in the schematic how to connect an amp meter in a circuit to measure the amps that the load is drawing from the power source.

This is the switch I used.

Here’s the pin layout of the switch I used.

This is the schematic for this project.

…and of course the video is posted below.

Keep on hackin!

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