The Glowing LED Hoodie

It’s Halloween! Time for another costume and another project to share. This week I’ve come up with a simple yet visually outstanding project using some super bright jumbo green LEDs. I have quite a few of these so I’m always putting them to use in projects like last year’s LED Christmas Card hack. Whenever I use LEDs I usually get a data sheet on them so I know the maximum forward voltage and the maximum amperage ratings. Once I know these to values I can enter them into this handy LED series/parallel array wizard so I know how to wire them up with the proper resistor. However, I sometimes just solder a bunch of them together and connect them to my power supply and see what kind of maximum brightness I can get out of them without a resistor! Seat of the pants electronics hacking at it’s best!

Follow along with the video and you’ll see how to put this simple Halloween costume together with just a dozen LEDs and a 6 volt power source.

Keep on hackin!

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