The Chicken Roosting Problem

My chickens are great! I get plenty of eggs from these three busy hens and they keep the bugs and ticks out of the back yard. BUT… two of them insist on roosting on the back porch railing and making a chicken poop mess all over the deck boards! Not only does this look bad, it stinks and it’s a bit unsanitary. I’ve tried several things to deter them from roosting here but they keep thwarting my efforts. I’d much rather have them roost in the chicken coop where they can poop all they want and ten I can collect it up to fertilize my garden soil.

This week I’ve come up with a two step solution that just might work.

Watch the video and see what you think of my solution and if you think you have a better idea, I’d love to hear about it!

Keep on hackin!

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One Response to The Chicken Roosting Problem

  1. abqlewis says:

    It’s not really hacking, but when I had a BAD pigeon problem, I bought some spike-strips online. They worked immediately! You can search online for pigeon control, but they are 3-4 inch stainless steel wire spikes sticking out of a strip of acrylic at different angles. They were meant to be mounted up high to irritate the pigeons, so they may annoy humans on the deck even more. Another alternative is uncoil wire like a slinky and attach it on top of the deck top rail. It will make the unstable roost they don’t like, yet it won’t poke people like the spikes. Lastly, how about controlling their access to the deck with a spring mounted gate. Light enough spring that the dogs can open it, but heavy enough that the chickens can’t.
    Just my 3 cents worth.

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