The April Fool’s episode, Screaming Altoids!

Here it is the very first project just in time for April Fool’s day!

I call this one “Screaming Altoids”. It’s a simple 555 timer oscillator put inside an Altoids tin. When the unsuspecting consumer of said Altoids opens the tin, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it emits a loud squealing sound that’s quite annoying!

The parts list is pretty minimal on this project. It’s a fun and easy build so hack one together!

1 – Altoids tin
1 – 555 Timer chip
2 – 100 ohm resistors
1 – 2.2 mF electrolytic capacitor
1 – 100 mF electrolytic capacitor
1 – 9 volt battery
1 – 9 volt battery clip
1 – micro switch
1 – tiny speaker
Some fine hook up wire.

Here’s the schematic and a pic:


Finished project

The video:

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Self taught electronics and hardware hacker.
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6 Responses to The April Fool’s episode, Screaming Altoids!

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  2. FightCube says:

    Awexome project Dino! I had the exact same idea with a little twist. Come on over and check it out:

    I look forward to your future hacks!

  3. Adam Ward says:

    Dino, this new site rules! I found it from a link on The Amp Hour.

    Fun video and great content. This kind of thing is perfect for me as I’m still getting into electronics (or at least trying to!).

    I’ll be a regular visitor for sure. Good job, man.

  4. Snafu says:

    Thanks Dino,
    I just happen to have an almost empty Altoids tin at my cube due to folks helping themselves while I’m away… I can’t ask for a better setup than this!

    Can you explain the advantage of the 555 timer and extra bits versus just going completely KISS with a micro switch, battery, and piezoelectric buzzer?

    I’ve got a dinosaur cell phone that could be gutted and the vibration motor could be recycled for fun, will have to add it to this project. :*)


  5. wrecks says:

    This looks like a cool project to do with my son over the summer. Is there a simple explanation on how the 555 timer circuit works so that following the design is less of a “black box” for both of us?

    By the way, I’m the guy messing with your stepper motor generator project in the photo from the NC Maker Faire. We talked briefly and it was nice meeting you.


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