The 1985 Honda VF700S Sabre cafe racer conversion begins

I think I’ll just let the video tell you all about this one. This will be a multi-part project that should be complete by Spring, or sooner

Keep on hackin!

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3 Responses to The 1985 Honda VF700S Sabre cafe racer conversion begins

  1. Enrique says:

    You are just awesome… I’ve been following you since the DIY electric guitar pick up era, and even try some of the projects, and when I think this couldn’t get any better, you came up with a cafe racer project… You really have good taste! I love cafe racers, I can’t wait to see how the gas tank is made.
    Nice tank design by the way, It’s like a Norton tank or something like that, pretty british..
    greetings from Argentina!

    • Dino says:

      Thanks! I’m doing part two this weekend! I’m going to try firing up the engine and I’ll be installing the clip-on bars I just bought!

    • Dino says:

      Thanks! I’m having fun with this one. Looking forward to riding when the weather warms up here!

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