Simple DIY Cat Door

I just moved into a new place here and after two weeks of maintaining a litter box being used by three cats, I decided it was time to install a cat door. I’ve always provided a way for my cats to come and go from the house as they please. Most of the time I’ve just built my own cat door because the manufactured ones are pretty high priced!

For this project, I needed a different door to start with. I wasn’t about to cut a hole in the door on a place I’m renting. If I owned the house I probably would, but in this case it was just a simple matter of finding a used door at my local Habitat For Humanity store. I got lucky the day I went shopping for one because on that day, doors were 50% off! I found a 32″ hollow core door and paid only $13 for it!

Follow along on yet another video adventure as I provide a door to the outside world for my three cats, Jayfet, Figaro and Seamus!

Keep on hackin!

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