Project Sabre Cafe Part 20

I drove the bike to work a couple times this week and discovered that I still have an issue with the carbs. It won’t rev past 6K rpms! It’s running on the pilot and midrange but it’s not getting fuel from the mains. I pulled the carbs again and found that I had two of the jets switched around from front to rear. The carbs on a V4 Honda have smaller main jets in the front than in the rear. I cleaned everything up one more time, checked the float heights and reinstalled the carbs. It still won’t get into the mains…

I think I know what the problem is. The slides in a CV carburetor depend on a vacuum in the upper chamber to pull them up. There is a small passage from the throttle bore to the upper chamber and I think mine are restricted by crud and or corrosion. So, next episode will be about solving that problem.

Keep on hackin…

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