Project Sabre Cafe Part 19

It runs!! The tank and tail light are functional and all that’s left is a paint job.

I went to DMV today and got my license plate for the Sabre! No inspection needed! $18 and out the door, plate in hand. I slapped it on the bike after dinner this evening and went for the first real ride on it. Riding position is perfect! Handling feels like a Sabre, not too sporty but decent in the turns. Carbs had a little burble for a half mile then cleared up. Some piece of crud in the main jet that finally cleared itself. I might have to go back in there if it comes back. Power seems OK, brakes work fine.. well as good as one can expect from disc front and drum rear. I’ll ride it to work tomorrow and leave early so I can take the long twisty way. So far, it puts a big fat smile on my face!

Keep on hackin…

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Self taught electronics and hardware hacker.
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3 Responses to Project Sabre Cafe Part 19

  1. Tron9000 says:

    Looking Good!

    Regards to your high beam LED; you could just put in a higher resistance resistor to dim it down a bit.

    Any thoughts on paint? Colour? Decals?

  2. tigerfan474 says:

    Wow Dino, I can’t even tell you how much I have enjoyed this. I am almost finished with my cafe and this has been a huge help. Thanks again and keep hackin. Eric

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