Project Sabre Cafe Part 14

This week was spent on the LED indicator lights and a new key switch mounted in a panel on the old handle bar bosses. I had to fabricate a panel from some sheet aluminum to mount the LEDs on and wire them up to the harness. I used a handy online LED resistor calculator to help determine which resistor was required for each LED. Adding a resistor to LEDs is required to keep them from burning out. I’m supplying them with 12 volts and they’re rated at 2.5 – 3.5 volts. The resistor limits the current flow and will get a little warm so it’s important to use the right “ohm” value. The term “ohm” is used to describe the amount of resistance to current flow the resistor has. Resistors are color coded with their ohm value. Here’s a handy resistor color code guide to help with deciphering the code.

I really like the new LED panel. It covers over the unused handle bar mounts and it has a nice clean look that finishes off the instruments nicely.

I also did a little modification to the seat. I added a little more to the bottom at the rear. It just seems to balance out better and it hides the rear subframe a bit more.

Till next time, keep on hackin!

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  1. Luciferd says:

    I have been following your project. I bought a CB400 .I have been following your videos and I started two weeks my project. following step by step your videos, week by week. Thanks for help.

    Luciano Lopes

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