Parallax HMC5883L Compass Module with LCD Readout

This week I’m working with some more products from Parallax Electronics. I’ve spent several hours at the bench figuring out how to get the Compass Module to display it’s readings to 2 x 16 LCD. I started out with the demo code for the compass module and modified it to output to the LCD instead of the serial terminal window. It took quite a bit of trial and error as I learned just what the demo code did and how it needed to be modified for the LCD. In the video you’ll see just what I changed to get it to work!

This is the board as I had it set up for this project:

This is the wiring diagram for the project:

You can download the code here:
compass with LCD V3.spin

Here are the links to the Parallax products used in this week’s project:
Propeller Board Of Education
Parallax HMC5883L Compass Module
Parallax # 27977 2 x 16 Backlit LCD with Piezo Speaker

Enjoy the video and… Keep On Hackin!

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  1. Franklin says:

    When you are testing in spin you can use F10 to write the program to RAM instead of EEPROM. This will go away when you power off but it does not waste a ROM write cycle.

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