Nerd Thunder

Hello!! It’s been two years since I posted anything on the site here. So you may ask “what the hell have you been doing?”

Good question. I’ve been running my own business, Resto-Euro LLC. It’s an automotive service and restoration business and it’s doing quite well! Of course starting a business takes up A LOT of ones time but I’m finally at a point where I can get back in the Hack Shack and make some videos!

I recently deleted my Facebook account and opened an account on MeWe. I like it there because of the default PRIVACY! No ads, and a lot of my nerd friends are there as well including Jeri Ellsworth. I asked her if she wanted to do some collaboration videos and she said yes! We came up with the idea of promoting each others videos under the moniker “Nerd Thunder”. It was suggested by her as she remembered a past series called Comedy Thunder that was on YouTube.

So beginning with the video posted below I bring you Nerd Thunder! Be sure to check out the other YouTubers I mention in the video!


Keep On Hackin!

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