How To Make Bread At Home

I spent part of this weekend teaching a small group of folks about transistors with the kits I made in last week’s video. So today I took it easy and decided to make some home made bread and share the recipe and a video here on Hack A Week.

My Mom used to make bread all the time. We rarely bought bread from the store and her’s was way better anyway. I have all of her recipes that she collected over the years on index cards in two small recipe boxes. In the baking section there resides a bread recipe that was written long ago and used many times. I’m sharing it here with you, exactly as it is written down. If you follow along with the video, you find out that making bread isn’t as hard as you think. Enjoy and, “thanks Mom”

2 1/2 cups warm water
1/4 cup sugar – mix thoroughly
Add 2 pkgs. dry yeast – let stand until dissolved
Add 1 & 1/2 tsp. salt
3 tbs. melted Crisco, and 3 cups sifted flour – mix well and beat 3 minutes, or until elastic looking.
Add 2 cups sifted flour and mix well.
Put on floured surface and knead 10 min, using 1 cup of flour while kneading.
Place in greased bowl, let rise in warm place until doubled in bulk.
Punch down, place on floured surface and let rest 10 or 15 min.
Shape into 3 loaves (place in bread tins) – let rise until double in bulk.
Bake 30 min in 375 degree oven.

That’s it! Let it cool well before slicing. This bread makes great toast too.

Keep on hackin…

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