How To Install French Doors

Lisa asked me a few months ago about installing French doors in her house. She has a nice sun room just off from the living/dining area and she’s always wanted French doors in the pass through. Since we’ll be living together soon we decided the time was right to get them installed. My two dogs Fritz and Sophie need a room they can be in during the day that’s separate from the rest of the house and the sun room is the perfect choice. It has lots of light, hardwood floors and there’s a sliding door that leads to the outside deck and the back yard where we can easily install a dog door.

The entire cost of this project is less than $700 with all the materials coming from a big box home improvement center nearby. In the video you’ll see just what kind of tools, materials and planning it takes to install French doors and you’ll also learn how to hang doors in general. It’s a full 30 minutes of how-to so get comfortable, sit back and enjoy.

Keep on hackin, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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