How To Build A Horizontal Sundial

I’ve always wanted to build a sundial and so I finally did! I figured it would be the perfect project for HAW and a great educational tool. I started with a few Google searches and before I knew it I was over my head in info on sundials! There are several varieties from very simple to very complex but I chose the horizontal model. I found a few links that were quite a help.

You’ll need to reference these links to help with laying out the dial and the “gnomen” of your sundial.

History Of Sundials
Find your latitude and longitude by location
Horizontal Sundial Calculator
Find your magnetic declination by location

All you really need to build a sundial is some paper, a pencil, ruler, protractor and some glue or a hot glue gun. I mounted my paper printouts on some foam board with spray adhesive, then used hot glue to attach the gnomen.

Follow along on with the video and you’ll see how easy it is to make your very own sundial!

Keep on hackin!

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