Home Made Soda Pop

It’s the half way point in my year of one-per-week projects so I thought it would be a nice change to do something a bit different and refreshing!
Home made soda pop!

Making your own soda pop is a pretty straight forward process. You’ll need some brewers yeast, a sweetener like sugar or honey, a two liter plastic soda bottle and the flavoring of your choice. The part you have to pay close attention to is the temperature of the water you dissolve the yeast into. It should be between 98 and 110 degrees F. Anything hotter will kill the yeast and anything lower won’t activate it. Once the yeast is added to the sugar and water mixture, it reacts with the sugar and the byproduct is carbon dioxide which is what makes all those wonderful bubbles.

Another important factor is cleanliness. Everything that comes in contact with the yeast and water during the mix process should be clean and sterilized. You can buy food grade sanitizer at the same place you buy the brewers yeast. It’s basically an iodine mixture that you dilute in water and use to rinse the items you want sanitized.

Watch the video for step by step intsructions and … keep on hackin!

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  1. rbwilliams says:

    Umm… why did you pour out the seltzer? Isn’t that basically half-way to soda pop anyway?

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