Gingerbread Class AB Amplifier

Here it is, just in time for the holidays! A gingerbread circuit based on the same class AB amplifier I made last year for a Hack A Week project. An explanation of the circuit, the schematic and a parts list can be found on that post. This project is about edible gingerbread circuit boards and how to create them.

I used Gingerbread mix for the perf board and capacitors, string cheese for the resistors, candied sugar for the diodes and transistors and licorice whips for the wires. The lettering is white cake writer frosting and the colors are from spray cans of food coloring. The wires are made from hard setting cake icing that has to be heated to be used. When it cools, it becomes solid.

I made molds to cast the diodes and transistors from the molten sugar mixture that was heated to 310 degrees F. When it cooled, it became solid candy!

Everything was measured and scaled up 4.4 times actual size using the metric measuring system. (the english system sucks!)

The Real Thing…

The Gingerbread version…

…and here’s the build video. Hope you enjoy it!
Happy holidays and…
keep on hackin!

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