GE Electric Dryer Repair

The most horrible noise was coming from my girlfriend’s clothes dryer and she asked me if I’d take a look at it for her. I had recently replaced the heating elements so I was familiar with gaining access to the dryer’s innards. Prior to that repair I had no idea how the dryer came apart. There was a lot of trial and error, removing screws and panels that weren’t necessary. I’m sure there are many other DIY repair people out there like me that could use this video as a guide so this week’s hack is a how-to on dryer repair. This one is a GE but I’m thinking they all come apart in a similar fashion.
Once the front cover is removed you have access to replacing the motor, drive belt, belt tensioner, heating elements, felt seals, drum bushings and give the inside a good cleaning of excess lint.

Follow along now as we discover just what the hell is making all that noise in Lisa’s dryer!

Til next time, keep on hackin…

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