Five Minute Power Window Blinds

As I was wrapping up the stepper motor project last week I opened the window blinds for more light and thought, “hey… it would be cool to just grab a motor and attach it to the window actuator rod in the same way I coupled the stepper motor to the magnet motor. Instant power window blinds!”

So, The camera was already right there and I had the time so I hacked a motor to my window blinds, pretty much as you see it transpiring in the video. I decided to just let images do the talking in this one.

As for the music, I did what I always do, every week with a hack video. I go to where I enter a keyword in the search bar then listen to the selections. This week I typed “motor” and I found the song you’ll hear, “Behave like motor” from Salakapakka Sound System.
So listen now with your eyes and enjoy the video and music.

Keep on hackin…

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