First Hack is Built

Yawn! Monday morning…. got the coffee in front of me getting this busy week started.
This is moving week! Yes that’s right, at the same time that I start a big project like this I decide to move! Actually it just kind of worked out that way. The people I rent from informed me that they had another place vacant two miles away from here for a bit more per month. The cool part is, it has a three bay garage attached! Perfect place to set up a new shop! So, since I knew I’d be busy packing and such this week, I spent yesterday building the first project.

It involves a 555 timer, a speaker, a vibrating phone motor and a tin full of Altoids! I need to shoot some more video then edit it into a final cut. Once that’s done I’ll upload it to YouTube. It’s a good project for April Fool’s Day since it’s a practical joke sort of thing and it only takes a few parts to build it.

After that, I’ll be busy getting settled in so the next hack will be posted by Friday April 8th, and every Friday thereafter.

Hope you all have a great week!

Dino 🙂

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Self taught electronics and hardware hacker.
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