First day in the new house/work shop. LOVE IT!

I love this place!

I’ve finally got the room that I’ve always wanted! 560 square feet of living space and a whopping 810 square feet of work shop area with two roll up garage doors. The shop has two 30 amp welder outlets already in place an plenty of over head fluorescent lighting. There’s a very large fenced back yard for the dogs to run around in with a separate gated area that will make a perfect garden spot! My nearest neighbor is about 100 feet away with a row of dense trees between us. My driveway is about 200 yards long so the location is well away from the main road. A great place to hack, play and make all the noise I want at all hours of the day. Perfect!

The next hack will be about workbenches since I’ll be building a new one. It’s going to be a busy week of moving in and setting up shop.

…and now, I shall stroll outside with my coffee to witness the sun coming up over the nearby pond. 🙂

Sunrise over the pond

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4 Responses to First day in the new house/work shop. LOVE IT!

  1. Adam Ward says:

    Careful dude, I think you’ve bought a property that backs onto Cthulu’s domain, check out that mist over the water!

  2. FightCube says:

    I liked your last workbench that I saw on The Amp Hour. You had some nice overhead light and storage for tools. I would love to see some good parts storage worked into the design. I’ve even considered “project storage”, for working on multiple projects at once. We all do it, you are working on your masterpiece, and then the wife’s laptop breaks and you need to clear off your space quick. You really just want to pick up where you left off, and that’s hard to do without “project storage”. One idea would be to incorporate a bunch of drawers that could hold a full sheet of paper and more, so a 12″ x 12″ drawer would be perfect. Here’s some 3-drawer sets that I use… just not for projects, yet. You could even put some dixie cups or the like in there to hold small parts associated with each project. Good luck on your build and congrats on the move! -Brett

    • Dino says:

      Hey Brett I too like the idea of work in progress storage. Since I have the room in this shop, I’ll be building some shelves for that. Those 3 drawer plastic containers look like a good idea and they’re reasonable in price. Thanks for that link.
      Years ago I worked as a tech repairing car stereo components. I used the cardboard box that cases of soda come in to put repairs in progress into. It worked out nice because we could staple the work order to the front of the box and they were stackable.
      The first bench I’m building here will be a right angle bench shaped like the letter L. The short side of the L will hold my o-scopes and test equipment at eye level and not eat up workspace. I’ll probably install an overhead light and tool rack on it like the other bench. Good lighting is important.

  3. FightCube says:

    Sounds like a plan. Can’t wait to see it. Yeah I can vouch for the sturdiness of the plastic drawers, but I’m sure there are other more renewable ways of making the storage… kind of like your pop case crates. -Brett

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