Dead trees and ink…

I’m a pen and paper sort of guy. I like to draw up my plans in isometric view on paper. It takes only minutes and I have an idea of what materials I need. Yes, I could use a drawing program for this and there are many… even a 3-D program like Google Sketchup… but I like the feeling of drawing. It’s the first phase of the idea in my head being output to the physical world through my hand.

The drawing below, of the work bench I’ll be building, took about 5 minutes to execute. It has all the dimensions and it gives me an idea of what I might want to change. I used this drawing to make a materials list and then went to Home Depot and bought everything I need for about $83. I’ll be getting started on construction this evening around 6:30 pm EST and you can watch on my Ustream channel here:

Of course, I’ll be shooting video of the build to edit into the next Hack A Week video which will be posted Friday evening.

The plan...

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3 Responses to Dead trees and ink…

  1. Adam Ward says:

    Ahh, “DaveCAD”, yeah that’s a good visualisation medium.

  2. tomvleeuwen says:

    I think this is DinoCAD 😛

  3. Adam Ward says:

    Maybe, DaveCAD is open source, after all.

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