Audio Man Circuit Sculpture

This is a project I’m working on for the Hackaday Circuit Sculpture Contest.  I’ll be constructing a piece of functional electronic art built from copper wire and discrete electronic components constructed in the “dead bug” style of circuit building. A fully functional LM386 audio amplifier will reside inside the ribcage with eight hearing aid batteries in the spine for power. The head holds the speaker, input jack and volume control. Moving one of the arms in a raised or lowered position will turn the circuit on or off.

I’ve started this project by drawing out a sketch. The next step will be the basic construction of the skeletal parts then I can built the spine and head. I’ll Then begin construction on the dead bug LM386 amplifier which will be mounted in the ribcage and wired up to the rest of the sculpture. Finally the ribcage will be installed and the whole thing balanced by bending and tweaking the skeletal framework so that it can freely stand on its own.

Here’s the initial sketch. I’ll post more once I start building.

About Dino

Self taught electronics and hardware hacker.
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