The SQONKBOX 55 With A 555 Timer

Here’s one I designed and built for my 55th birthday. It uses two 555 timers in astable mode and one LM386 audio amp.

sqonkbox 55 schematic 555 timer organ

I’ll post more pics and a parts list here in a day or so…

Meanwhile, here’s this week’s video.

Keep on hackin!

Garage remodel – Building a new work bench part 1

I’ve been working with a smallish work bench in the garage for some time now and it’s time to build a bigger one. I have a large one in the “hack shack” that I built several years ago (hack #2 back when I was counting) and I’m using a similar build plan for this one. The main difference is in the legs which will be made from 2″ x 4″ lumber. This bench will be getting some pretty heavy duty use so I’ll be reinforcing it with some extra wood underneath.

It’s all explained in this weeks video.

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Railroad spike in the face for Halloween.

I’ve worked around some theater folks in the past and I picked up on a few simple makeup tricks using liquid latex. Liquid latex can be brushed onto the skin and built up to create a variety of effects, one of which is torn skin that looks like a wound. By adding latex to tissue paper you can create some pretty amazing looking wounds, scars, zombie faces etc.

This week I’ll show you the basic technique of creating a wound on my face, with a fake railroad spike poking in and out of it.

keep on hackin!