Hacking RC Toys For Parts

Many of my projects use parts that I’ve salvaged form various devices. The Rumble Robot was an early project that used the entire toy and main board. The All Terrain Robot used the main board and drive motors from a Roomba vacuum robot. I really enjoy tearing these things down to find out if there’s anything that can be repurposed into another device. This particular toy came from a junk pile of abandoned electronics.

It turns out that there are some nice motors and a control board in this toy that I may use in a future project. This was an RC toy from Tyco RC called the “Tyco Shell Shocker”. The motors are driven through some relays so I’m not sure if I can vary the speed using a pulse width modulated signal. That’s for another video. 🙂

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1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Build Episode 6

Wow! What a challenge this build is! Every part I need turns into a grand search through all the bags and boxes and sometimes I can’t find the part I need.

This week I managed to get the rear wheel bearings installed and did an initial tension on the rear wheel spokes. I found I was missing one of the spoke nipples so I had to stop with the tensioning until I can get another one. I’m also missing the rubber dampeners for the final drive flange. This is going to be a long build process, but it’ll be a good opportunity to record every aspect of a CB750 build.

Enjoy this week’s episode and…

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2002 BMW K1200RS Final drive bearing replacement- part 2

I received all the parts this week and in this video they get installed. I used a couple of tricks involving cooling down the crown gear assembly and heating the bearings in the oven. Cooling the crown gear makes it contract and heating the bearing makes it expand. This allows easy drop on installation of the bearings without the need of a bearing press.

The bike drives nice and smooth now and I saved a lot of money that would have gone towards labor at a dealer or shop. Total cost on the parts was $188 shipped!

Here’s the BMW part numbers for the final drive bearings and seals for the BMW K1200RS:

Qty Description Product# Price EA
1 O-ring . 171,1X2,62 33111241257 $7.12
1 TAPERED ROLLER BEARING . 25X52X16, 233121451188 $43.76
1 Shaft seal . 85X110X10 33127663482 $32.52
1 GROOVED BALL BEARING . 85X120X18 33121242211 $90.79

I bought the parts from Pandora’s European Motorsports in Chatanooga, TN

Enjoy the video and…
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2002 BMW K1200RS Final drive bearing replacement- part 1

I love my BMW K1200RS. It’s a sport/touring motorcycle with an emphasis on sport. Even though it weighs in at 630 pounds it handles like a dream. However…

The final drive ball bearing on this generation of the K12 was prone to early failure. The cage that holds the balls at equal distances apart fails and you end up with a bearing that does not rotate in a true circle. It begins to groan and growl and eventually fails enough to destroy the oil seal. Mine didn’t get quite that far but it was growling badly and leaking a bit of oil.

This week’s video documents the removal of the bearing and in part 2 I’ll install a new one and reassemble the whole thing.

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