The Slidersynth II

It’s back for an upgrade! The original Slidersynth was just a perfboard with a few components including a button a small speaker and a brass tube. By pressing the button a square wave signal is output to the small speaker. As the user moved the “slider” in and out of the bras tube the frequency changed up and down.

With version II I’ve added a second potentiometer in the place of R2. This serves as a pitch control.

This is the original schematic:
slider synth schematic HAW

This is the version II schematic:
slidersynth II schematic

Follow along on the video for some slidersynth building.

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Project Sabre Cafe Part 32 – Wings

The Sabre received a few final touches this week on the fairing I installed last week. I’ve addedd Honda “wings” to the fairing and I think it really pulls everything together nicely. I used spray on truck bed liner with a coat of black paint as a top coat. Should prove out to be fairly durable. I changed out the fork oil as well with little difference in fork performance. Like the old air shock that I removed from the rear, these forks don’t offer much dampening. The need and upgrade one day.

fairing with wings

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and…

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Project Sabre Cafe Part 31, Return Of The Fairing

That fairing. It was on the bike, then off, then modified and put back on, then removed and shelved.

Well this week the VF700S is back WITH a fairing! I gave it a good sanding to remove the resin from my experiment in reshaping it. Once that was done I primed it in white and sprayed it with YR250 Repsol orange paint from Colorite. Before mounting it up I also touched up the head light bucket and instruments with some black spray on truck bed liner. I removed the forks and replaced the steering head bearings with a set of tapered roller bearing from All Balls racing where I also purchased fork oil seals and dust seals. Once the seals and bearing were in place I put it all back together and mounted the fairing. It looks better in orange but I would like to add a black accent to it.

Enjoy this weeks video and…

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1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Build Episode 5 – Bearings and Bushings.

I received two things in the mail this week. The tapered roller bearing kit from All Balls Racing and the swinging arm brass bushings that I bought from Marc at Creative Candy Powder Coating. The tapered roller bearings are a big improvement over the stock ball bearings in the steering head and should greatly improve the handling. Changing out the swinging arm bushings to brass from the stock plastic ones will also help with making for a more stable bike. These two items were the main reason that CB750s got a little shaky at speed as the parts wore out.

Big thanks to Marc at Creative Candy Powder Coating for selling me the extra set of bushings he had on hand.

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1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Build Episode 4 – The Unexpected Journey

I pulled the frame and it’s associated parts off the shelf today and discovered that I need to order up a few more parts. I need steering head bearings and swing arm bushings. Not a big surprise. I’m sure I’ll run into more of this as I build this bike. I have lots of new parts but there will certainly be a few I need to get along the way.

Since I couldn’t get that far along on any sort of building in this episode, I included some video of another bike show I attended this weekend with The Sabre.

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