Project Sabre Cafe Part 29

After ten long months I’m finally finished with this project! It’s been quite a journey with lots of learning along the way and a few unexpected problems to solve. Over all I’m quite pleased with the outcome. The bike runs, looks and handles great!


VF700S at work

Here’s part 29… keep on hackin!

This seven month long project is nearly done just in time for winter! Ha! Well at least it’s nearly complete. This week I applied the vinyl graphics and got the rims painted. Perfect timing with all this as Mark Marquez won the MotoGP title on his Repsol Honda.

tank seat graphics 002

It’s all in this week’s video.

Keep on hackin…

Project Sabre Cafe Part 27

I finally got some paint on the fuel tank! Even though the temps were in the 50’s I managed to warm up my garage to about 68 degrees with the help of a few space heaters. That was warm enough to lay down a white laquer base coat and an orange top coat with the Colorite paint.

orange tank 002

I love this color and it looks even better out in the full sunlight. Next week I’ll add the Honda wings and logo to the tank and paint the seat. I’ve designed a V45 Sabre logo to go on the seat that looks similar to the Repsol logo typeface.

v45 sabre type

I did a rendering in Photoshop of what I want the bike to look like when complete as well.

VF700S paint1 small

Since the tank is such a large area of orange, I decided that some sort of red element was needed up front. You can see this in the above photo as a triangle forward of the tank. I used a piece of expanded steel mesh painted red to cover that triangle section in the frame.

red mesh 002

It’s all in this week’s video.
Keep on hackin!