Project Sabre Cafe Part 26

Prep… it’s the most important part of a good paint job. This week’s video focuses on getting the tank and seat ready for paint. Lot’s of work with filler material and block sanding to get a nice smooth surface.

Keep on hackin!

Project Sabre Cafe Part 25

The fairing. I had big plans for modding this thing to look like the intake of an F-86 Sabre Jet and I did pull it off. However, I just didn’t like how it came out. The bike looks good with or without the fairing but since I hacked it all up, I’ve decided to leave it naked for now. Some time down the line I’ll invest in a REAL fairing from Airtech.

Maybe something like this:

Until then, it stays as is. I’ll be getting some paint on the bike in the next week or two. I’m going back to my original choice of the Repsol Honda colors.

Keep on hackin…

The 1973 CB750 Arrives… in pieces

I found the next project bike! I managed to fit all this in the car yesterday and bring it home for the awesome price of $750.

Here it is still in the car.

I’ll be starting on this project in about a month or so. I still have more work to finish up the Sabre Cafe.

Project Sabre Cafe Part 23 – The Phantom Menace

It turns out that the Gremlin I was chasing was created by me! Yes that’s right… I calibrated the tachometer WRONG! Ha!

It’s all good though because along the way I discovered a few more issues with the carbs. It seems I had the emulsion tubes in the wrong locations. After a little help on a forum, I got it right.
This is how the emulsion tubes go in a 1985 Honda VF700S Sabre.

I fabricated the parts I needed to install my CBR 600 rear shock. It was a tight fit but it’s on the bike and works much better than the old air shock.

Enjoy episode 23…

keep on hackin!