Project Sabre Cafe Part 13

The saga continues…. This week it’s more wiring, more fiberglass, some welding and a different gauge setup. Part of hacking and inventing is being willing to put a critical eye to something that you’ve poured a lot of time into and decide that it’s just not right. That is exactly what I did with the gauge setup I had installed. It just didn’t go well with the theme of the build so I reworked it into something much more suited to this bike.

Here’s #13… lucky #13… no bloopers!

Keep on hackin…

Project Sabre Cafe Part 12

Wiring on a motorcycle is one of those things that can be a little intimidating. When you start removing things and hacking the wiring up it can turn into a mess that’s hard to get back into working condition. I always label the wires as I remove them which helps a lot on reassembly. On this bike, I’ve installed a different gauge set from a 1994 Honda CBR 900RR and I had to adapt the wiring so it would make everything work. To help with this I did a Google search and found some wiring diagrams which really helped out.

I had a little problem with the tachometer but I found a solution. This video is all about wiring.

Keep on hackin…

Project Sabre Cafe Part 11

I finally got some fiberglass laid up on the fuel tank today! Now that it’s in the works I can do a little on each day and before you know it it’ll be finished. It’s been a six month project so far and I’m really getting anxious to get this thing on the road! I’ll probably have to order more fiberglass supplies soon as I don’t think I have enough materials on hand to do a proper layup. I’d like to have at least six layers of glass on it, perhaps more. It needs to be good and strong and not thin and flexible.

Next week I’ll tackle the wiring and the final mounting of the gauges.

Till then, keep on hackin.

Project Sabre Cafe Part 10

This week I managed to find a way to mount up the gauge set from a 94 Honda CBR 900RR. I used a plate of aluminum and some spacers to do the job. I think it works out great! I also mounted the Lucas headlight from an old Triumph motorcycle and in the process also installed the front turn signals. Next week i’ll have some real fiberglassing done on the fuel tank and start wiring up the gauges.

I added up the running time of all the videos in this project so far, and they total 3 hours and 40 minutes!!! More to come…

Keep on hackin…