Project Sabre Cafe Racer Part 5

This week I made great progress on the fuel tank. I really like how it’s taking shape and I’m enjoying the sculpting process.

I used some black spray paint as an indicator for the contours.

It’s taking on the shape of a Cobra head…

Enjoy the video and keep on hackin!

2007 Yamaha Virago Pilot Jet Mod

The 250cc Yamaha Virago I worked on a year ago hasn’t been driven much because it has always ran poorly. The clean out I did back then helped a little but it still had problems taking throttle off idle when cold. It was running too lean. Not enough fuel in the air fuel mixture. I had read about people opening up the idle or “pilot” jet on these 250cc bikes and I thought I’d give it a go. Well, I’m pleased to report that it worked!

This is where the pilot jet screws into the carb body, inside the float bowl.

I used a small beading needle to ream out the hole in the jet.

This is the hole after reaming.

…and here’s the video! Keep on hackin. 🙂

Project Sabre Cafe Racer Part 4

I made a good bit of progress on the Honda VF700S this week. I managed to get the clutch lever working as well as the front brakes. The calipers were seized but I got them freed up and working. I also got a good start shaping the gas tank.

The video pretty much explaines it all so enjoy!

Keep on hackin!

Garden Fence From Scrap Lumber

Recently we had a four foot wooden fence built around our property to keep the dogs in and allow them a larger area for excersize. The lumber that the builder used came in only six foot precut lengths so they had to cut away 24″ from each piece. This left over a large pile of cut offs to find a use for! Since we had to move the garden a few feet to make way for the new fence we decided it was a good time to fence it in and use the left over lumber in the process! I bought some 3″ firing strips, a bundle of mason’s wood stakes and a box of 1 1/2″ drywall screws to assemble the fence. We set up a work area and got down to business assembly line style!

This video is the debut of our new Hack A Week format. We have a new intro, outro and always an out take or two at the end so don’t miss it.
Thanks for watching…
Keep on hackin!