Building the Parallax Elev-8 Quad Copter Part 2

This week I mounted the booms that I assembled in part 1 to the main chassis. I also soldered the connectors on the ends of the motor wires and speed controllers so that they can be connected together and eventually get plugged into the Hover Fly Board.
Thanks to a few donations to Hack A Week via PayPal, I have ordered a radio and receiver which should be here in a week or so. When it arrives I can get down to the final wiring and programming of the speed controllers and then we get in the air!

Enjoy part 2 and.. Keep on hackin!

The 1985 Honda VF700S Sabre cafe racer… she runs!

This week was spent on the carburetors. From what I can, this bike sat out in the weather for some time parked on the kick stand. Both of the left side carbs had water in them which caused a strange slime mold to form. After removing the four carbs from the bike as a complete assembly, I put them in a 5 gallon bucket of water with some detergent added. This did a good job of breaking down the yuck! After a good overnight soak, I rinsed them with water and began disassembly. Nearly all of the jets were clogged up but with the help of a small wire I cleared them out. The float bowls were a mess with white powdered aluminum oxide which had to be scraped and brushed away. The good news was that the diaphragms at the top of the throttle slides were ok as were the needle and seat valves. Once everything was cleaned up I put them back together and installed them back on the bike. After filling the float bowls with gas I hit the starter button and it reluctantly started, warmed up a bit and took throttle! Awesome! It runs ok and I didn’t have to buy four expensive carb rebuild kits!

I made good progress on the seat blank as well. I built a hot wire foam cutter and used two templates shaped like the tank to cut out the blank from the blu foam that I had laminated together.

The whole thing is in the video below. It’s 27 minutes long so get comfy and enjoy.

Keep on hackin…

Carburetor assembly

The inside of the carbs before cleaning

The worst of the float bowls after cleaning

The 1985 Honda VF700S Sabre cafe racer conversion continues…

This week I got my clip-ons installed and worked out a few electrical issues. I tried to fire it up but the carbs need cleaning. The good news is that it fired up and ran as it burned off the fuel that I squirted in the carb barrels. The seat build kind of hit a wall when the pieces of foam that I was gluing together decided to come unglued. I think I’ll be better of to find a solid chunk of EPS foam or just go with some floral foam and use polyester resin.

Enjoy the video and keep on hackin!