The Rotary Switch

The Rotary Switch was once widely used in electronic devices and it’s still a great versatile switch for applications involving multiple inputs and outputs. This project required a switch that would power up one of three different loads from one common power source. I used a double pole triple throw rotary switch that I ordered from All Electronics at a cost of only 85 cents!
In the video you’ll not only see how it was installed, but you’ll also learn about LED home lights that can replace your conventional incandescent bulbs and save on your energy bill. You’ll also see in the schematic how to connect an amp meter in a circuit to measure the amps that the load is drawing from the power source.

This is the switch I used.

Here’s the pin layout of the switch I used.

This is the schematic for this project.

…and of course the video is posted below.

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How To Build A Horizontal Sundial

I’ve always wanted to build a sundial and so I finally did! I figured it would be the perfect project for HAW and a great educational tool. I started with a few Google searches and before I knew it I was over my head in info on sundials! There are several varieties from very simple to very complex but I chose the horizontal model. I found a few links that were quite a help.

You’ll need to reference these links to help with laying out the dial and the “gnomen” of your sundial.

History Of Sundials
Find your latitude and longitude by location
Horizontal Sundial Calculator
Find your magnetic declination by location

All you really need to build a sundial is some paper, a pencil, ruler, protractor and some glue or a hot glue gun. I mounted my paper printouts on some foam board with spray adhesive, then used hot glue to attach the gnomen.

Follow along on with the video and you’ll see how easy it is to make your very own sundial!

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Gate Repair & Kayak Storage

This week I have a two for one project. I have a kayak that I store in my back yard but I wasn’t very keen on the idea of leaving it on the ground for critters and snakes to crawl into. I also had a problem with the gate to my back yard which was poorly constructed and in need of repair.

The big problem with the gate was the way it sagged out of parallel and scraped the ground. It was hinged to swing into the uphill slope of the land as well which was quite annoying. When I moved in I had to put up some high fencing to keep my three chickens in the back yard and I did this in a bit of a hurry without extending the gate upward as well. This meant I had to duck under the fencing each time I wanted to enter the yard through the gate!!

So I set forth with my tools, some lumber and a bit of know how with the goal of fixing the gate and finding a way to store my kayak up off the ground. As usual, my solutions were simple ones as you’ll see in this week’s video.

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The Chicken Roosting Problem

My chickens are great! I get plenty of eggs from these three busy hens and they keep the bugs and ticks out of the back yard. BUT… two of them insist on roosting on the back porch railing and making a chicken poop mess all over the deck boards! Not only does this look bad, it stinks and it’s a bit unsanitary. I’ve tried several things to deter them from roosting here but they keep thwarting my efforts. I’d much rather have them roost in the chicken coop where they can poop all they want and ten I can collect it up to fertilize my garden soil.

This week I’ve come up with a two step solution that just might work.

Watch the video and see what you think of my solution and if you think you have a better idea, I’d love to hear about it!

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How To Make Scotch Eggs

I first discovered Scotch Eggs at an English brew pub here in North Carolina. They consist of sausage wrapped around a hard boiled egg, then breaded and deep fried or baked. Pork sausage is the traditional thing but you can use any sausage or ground meat. A Google search will turn up plenty of recipes. The one I use here is what I like best.

Enjoy the video then go make yourself some Scotch Eggs!

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