Mini Maker Faire Burlington, NC

Hello! After a few weeks away from the blog I’m back with a video of the Mini Maker Faire here in Burlington, NC. Bennett and Jessica Harris did an excellent job of organizing this first time event. I had a table set up showing off Hackaweek as well as representing Make Magazine with some banners and free stuff. The crowd was steady all day long and I had a great time sharing the projects with others. Big thanks to Bennett and Jassica for putting on a successful event!

Keep on hackin!

The Year In BLOOPERS!!

Here it is… the bloopers!! Lisa and I spent several hours going through all the video clips from the last year! It was no easy task but it was fun, we had some great laughs and we hope you will to…

As it turns out, the final uploaded bloopers video even has an audio blooper in it! DOH!

Enjoy the video and til next time, keep on hackin!