Sophie Dog’s Halloween Costume

I thought it would be fun to make a headless horseman costume for my dog Sophie for Halloween. I used the doll from the Hexababy hack and dressed it up a little then secured it to a dog harness. The resulting costume is a bit unstable but very silly looking.

Follow along on yet another crazy project that will bring a few laughs!

Happy Halloween and Keep on hackin!

1972 Triumph Tiger 650cc carburetor fix

What a cool bike to work on! This thing is the embodiment of what British bikes were in the 70s. This bike had some issues with stalling at idle. It was due to a dirty carburetor which was pretty easy to get inside of and clean out. While I was at it, I decided to check the points and adjust them. It runs better now but still needs a valve adjustment and some new spark plugs.

Enjoy the 20 minutes of closeups of the gunk and goo and the sound of a two cylinder British legend, the Triumph Tiger 650!

Keep on hackin!

Building Closet Shelves

Closet shelves always present a challenge. Most people go for the quick install and buy some sort of kit or use right angle shelf brackets to get the job done. I prefer to use the method I’ve outlined in this video using a 2″ x 2″ ledger and 12″ wide pine boards. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to put shelves in a closet and when complete they can be loaded with a lot of weight without sagging the way particle board shelving always does.

Follow along, now step by step, as I install pine shelves in this food pantry.

Keep on hackin!

Overhead Camera Boom

I’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade the workbench camera so I picked up a new Microsoft LifeCam Studio with HD sensor. It’s a very nice 1080p camera that comes with a flexible mount that can be connected to a tripod. This also allows easy mounting to this overhead boom that I built from PVC pipe parts which lets me position the camera virtually anywhere over my workbench! Having this camera also frees up my JVC video camera so that I can use it to record videos of projects while I’m broadcasting on my ustream channel with the LifeCam.

The parts for the boom cost about $35 and took about an hour to assemble. I might make a change to the overhead mount and see if I can use a double roller channel from a pocket door. This will facilitate easier movement of the boom without having to deal with rotation caused by the weight of the boom. For now, this assembly serves its purpose quite nicely!

Thanks go out to atdiy and whisk0r of Toymaker Television for the cool Hack A Week song. “Thanks guys!”

Keep on hackin!

Simple DIY Cat Door

I just moved into a new place here and after two weeks of maintaining a litter box being used by three cats, I decided it was time to install a cat door. I’ve always provided a way for my cats to come and go from the house as they please. Most of the time I’ve just built my own cat door because the manufactured ones are pretty high priced!

For this project, I needed a different door to start with. I wasn’t about to cut a hole in the door on a place I’m renting. If I owned the house I probably would, but in this case it was just a simple matter of finding a used door at my local Habitat For Humanity store. I got lucky the day I went shopping for one because on that day, doors were 50% off! I found a 32″ hollow core door and paid only $13 for it!

Follow along on yet another video adventure as I provide a door to the outside world for my three cats, Jayfet, Figaro and Seamus!

Keep on hackin!