Three Transistor Voltage Detector…

Ahh yet another transistor project!! Well, this will be the last one for a while I promise. 🙂

This is an amplifier of sorts. In fact a viewer of the video posted below with the screen name MonkeyFCoconut summed it up very nicely with the following comment:
“Pretty cool? man. I whipped up your circuit in LTSpiceIV and it seems to have a gain of 95 Million with still enough current to light the LED. This is basically a SUPER-Darlington Transistor 😉 The front end copper strip forms one side of a capacitor, and then when you bring it near a voltage potential a super tiny current flows between air dielectric of the “cap”. This is mega amplified with the high gain BC547’s and viola, the LED lights up. Might be able to detect pre-lightning strikes??”

This is a fun project to build and test out on different objects. It’s surprising what the thing will, “detect”

Keep on hackin!

Parts List:

1 – 1 Megohm resistor
1 – 100K ohm resistor resistor
1 – 22 ohm resistor
3 – BC547 NPN transistors