73 Honda CB750 Custom Build Part 13

After some major remodeling in the garage I’m finally getting back to work on the Honda CB750. The new work bench is great and makes it a lot easier to get work done on the engine, which is the primary focus of this week’s video. This week I worked on installing the piston rings and honing the cylinders so I could get the pistons with rods attached loaded into teh cylinders. I’ll be putting that assembly onto the crankcase next week in part 13. Until then…

Keep on hackin…

2008 24″ iMac hard drive and RAM upgrade

I recently retired my Windows XP machine to the workshop and replaced it with a 2008 24″ iMac desktop computer. The last time I owned a Mac was in 2005 so it took a few weeks to get back up to speed. OSX is a much more stable OS than anything that ever came from Microsoft (IMO). It’s been working out great so far and soon I’ll be using Final Cut Pro X to produce my Hack A Week videos.

This machine came with a 250GB hard drive which is hardly enough capacity to be using for saving video files. So I decided to upgrade the drive with a 3TB drive that I already had in hand. Guess what? The largest HD you can install in an early 2008 24″ iMac is 2TB. So after a trip to Best Buy I had a 2TB drive and installed it.

…and now, my adventures with this project.

Thanks for watching, happy new year, and…

keep on hackin!

The SQONKBOX 55 With A 555 Timer

Here’s one I designed and built for my 55th birthday. It uses two 555 timers in astable mode and one LM386 audio amp.

sqonkbox 55 schematic 555 timer organ

I’ll post more pics and a parts list here in a day or so…

Meanwhile, here’s this week’s video.

Keep on hackin!