1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Build Episode 4 – The Unexpected Journey

I pulled the frame and it’s associated parts off the shelf today and discovered that I need to order up a few more parts. I need steering head bearings and swing arm bushings. Not a big surprise. I’m sure I’ll run into more of this as I build this bike. I have lots of new parts but there will certainly be a few I need to get along the way.

Since I couldn’t get that far along on any sort of building in this episode, I included some video of another bike show I attended this weekend with The Sabre.

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Eurobike Raleigh 2014

The morning of Saturday April 5th shall be remembered for two things. I took my first long ride on the Sabre and I attended Eurobike Raleigh 2014.

The Sabre rocks! It humms along at speed with ease and it’s actually not bad on the posture. The riding position is for sure NOT meant for long distance but it was OK on an hour long stint. It handles quite well and feels very stable with a smooth power plant that delivers when asked even at the lower RPMs. Averages about 35 MPG. Steering takes some muscle to induce a turn at speed but that just makes it feel a little more in control in freeway traffic where I don’t want a bike to be sketchy. Overall I love it for the hand built fun that it is!

The Eurobike turnout was impressive with a wide range of newer bikes and some beautifully restored older machines. The Cafe Racer contingent was there as well with an odd mix of machinery as were a few scooters. It was a well organized event thanks the Do The Ton Triangle crew.

The video pretty much covers it so enjoy and…

keep on hackin!

1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Build Episode 1 – It Begins

Finally!! Back to work on another motorcycle project!

I found this bike last November on Craigslist. The dude I got it from bought it running, took it all apart and started a restoration on it. He bought all kinds of new parts like shocks, fork tubes, seat, oil tank, side covers, all the rubber bits, handle bars, cables, tires, chrome steel rims with stainless steel spokes, wire harness and much more. He also had anything that was painted, black powder coated. ALL of the hardware got a new zinc plating. The head was reworked with a “stage 1″ job done by Mike Rieck which cost $500 on it’s own. There’s two front disc brake rotors and calipers and all the hardware for a dual front disc conversion. There’s also a lot of spares including an entire set of carbs! The only thing missing is and exhaust system. He said he had about $2K invested in parts and machine shop labor.
He was between jobs and didn’t have the time or money to finish the project and so he let it go for the bargain basement price of $750.


I’d like to turn this into a nice performance CB750. I won’t be swapping out a whole bunch of parts but I will be improving on what’s already there. First thing to focus on is the engine. It’s partially assembled but I’ll be double checking everything that the previous owner turned any wrenches on. Things like the connecting rods. They should have new bolts in them and not the old ones. They are stretch bolts meant to be used one time.

So, here we go down another path of building adventure. Welcome to another journey!!

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