2002 BMW K1200RS Final drive bearing replacement- part 1

I love my BMW K1200RS. It’s a sport/touring motorcycle with an emphasis on sport. Even though it weighs in at 630 pounds it handles like a dream. However…

The final drive ball bearing on this generation of the K12 was prone to early failure. The cage that holds the balls at equal distances apart fails and you end up with a bearing that does not rotate in a true circle. It begins to groan and growl and eventually fails enough to destroy the oil seal. Mine didn’t get quite that far but it was growling badly and leaking a bit of oil.

This week’s video documents the removal of the bearing and in part 2 I’ll install a new one and reassemble the whole thing.

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Project Sabre Cafe Part 33 – Exhausted.

I finally got around to installing a four into one exhaust system on the Honda Sabre.

It’s loud.

I’m working on getting it quieter with some success by also installing a Supertrapp disc muffler on the tip of the megaphone. This whole exhaust system weighs about 9 pounds less than the stock system.

It’s all revealed in this week’s video…

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Maker Faire North Carolina 2014

What a great day! This year’s event was held in a building more than twice the size of previous years and with double the participants.

I brought the Sabre Cafe to show off along with several other projects. I had a chance to get out on the floor and see the rest of the faire and get some video to share.

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The Slidersynth II

It’s back for an upgrade! The original Slidersynth was just a perfboard with a few components including a button a small speaker and a brass tube. By pressing the button a square wave signal is output to the small speaker. As the user moved the “slider” in and out of the bras tube the frequency changed up and down.

With version II I’ve added a second potentiometer in the place of R2. This serves as a pitch control.

This is the original schematic:
slider synth schematic HAW

This is the version II schematic:
slidersynth II schematic

Follow along on the video for some slidersynth building.

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