73 Honda CB750 Custom Build Part 16

In this episode the cylinder head gets installed. One thing to note is the absence of four dowel pins and rubber seals that would go between the cylinder and the head on the four inner head studs on the exhaust side of the engine. I did not have these parts in my collection of goodies from the previous owner. Early CB750 engines did not have these dowel pins and seals. They were added later to help the oil flow back down into the bottom of the crankcase. There are four holes in the head that collect the oil after it has been pumped up to the camshaft and allow it to run down through the same hole the cylinder head passes through. These parts are no longer available so I just left them out as in the earlier engine. I’m guessing they were added to help prevent oil leaks between the head and the cylinder as the engine accumulated high mileage.

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