4060 Timer Brake Light Flasher

It’s a new year with new projects! This first one kind of ties in with the Sabre Cafe project. It’s a brake light flasher that can be used on a car or motorcycle. I’ll be mounting this one up on the Sabre. It’s a circuit that uses a 4060 timer chip. The 4060 is an excellent integrated circuit for timing applications. Its ten active high outputs can give time delays from few seconds to hours. With a minimum of external components, it is easy to construct a simple but reliable time delay circuit.

It’s a fairly easy chip to use with tons of documentation available via a quick internet search. Here’s a few links to help you get started:


4060B Timer Circuits

This brake light flasher kit came from Tayda Electronics. Cost is only $7.99 and well worth it. The parts come to you in a few days time in a nicely packed box and you get an email with a link to the instructions PDF file.

It’s a pretty easy build and the only extras I had to supply were solder and a plastic enclosure for everything. Build time was part of an evening and installation on the bike was a snap.
Below you’ll find the project video, a parts list and a schematic.

Happy New Year and…

Keep on hackin!

4060 Data sheet: http://www.electroschematics.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/CD4060-Datasheet.pdf

Parts: K104 3 rd Brake Light Flasher
1x MJE2955 PNP transistor (T0220)
1x 10K resistor 1/4W
1x CD4060 Binary counter 1x 220K resistor 1/4W
1x Red LED 3mm 2x 1K resistor 1/4W
1x 8 amp glass fast act fuse 5x20mm 1x 500K Trimmer Pot 6mm
1x 5×20 fuse holder 1x 16 pin dip socket
1x 0.1 uf ceramic cap. 1x 1N4148 diode
1x 1 uf 25v electrolytic cap. 1FT 24 awg Blue solid wire
1x 47 uf 25v electrolytic cap. 1FT Red wire 18 awg stranded
1x 10nf ceramic cap. 1FT Yellow wire 18 awg stranded
1x preformatted project board (a15) 1FT Green wire 18 awg stranded
1x Heat sink (a60)
1 small project enclosure

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